Exchange Students at Global Education Center

The Program for Exchange Students at Niigata University admits international students from partner universities with an exchange agreement. The program offers courses for Japanese language and society as well as courses covering various specialties. The program aims to help students acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding of our country. It also aims to strengthen cooperation and partnership between Niigata University and its partner universities.

Important Information for Exchange Students Coming to Niigata University, Global Education Center in April, 2016

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Class Calendar

School Year 2016

List of Classes taught in English or Chinese for Exchange Student

School Year 2016
School Year 2017

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Japanese Language Program

Japanese language classes at Global Education Center are also open to exchange students. Click HERE for the details about the Japanese language program.

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General subjects taught in Japanese

Students with advanced Japanese language proficiency may also choose to take general subjects taught in Japanese offered for degree-seeking students at Niigata University. Click HERE to search the general subjects.

Exchange Student Application 2016 Spring

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