Visa, Residence Eligibility

Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status

To be a foreign international student at Niigata University, one must obtain the status of residence of "International Student" or similar as set forth in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (in case of the status of residence of "International Student,"the applicable period of residence is two years and three months, two years, one year and three months or one year).

It is advised that a person authorized on behalf of the applicant, which means a Niigata University staff member, the person paying tuition and other expenses, or a relative of the applicant or similar (Hereinafter referred to as the "Representative."), obtains the Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status on the applicant's behalf at an Immigration Bureau Japanese Ministry of Justice, before the applicant apply to Japanese Embassy for a visa.

Please make sure to remain in contact with your Representative and Niigata University staff, and obtain your Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status.

A Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status is issued one to three months after the Representative has made the application. The representative then posts the certificate to the applicant, and the applicant takes this, along with their passport, to a Japanese Embassy, where they will be issued with a visa (please confirm with the embassy any other required documentation).

In instances where the applicant has come to Japan for the application process or examinations, the "Short-Term Stay" status of residence is also fine; however, this will need to be changed over to "International Student" upon admission to university (this may require a return to the applicant's home country to obtain the new status of residence).

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