Residence Halls



Our university’s two residence halls provide convenient on-campus accommodation.
Various events and group activities held at the halls provide opportunities for the residents to foster friendly ties with each other.
Residence Halls are limited to degree-seeking students enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program. Non degree-seeking students are ineligible for residence.

How to Apply for Residence

Application for Residence Hall in  October 2019

Application Submission Period: Wednesday, July 11, 2019 – Friday, July 26, 2019

Application documents are available at International Office:

Tel: +81-25-262-7026



Statement on Family Structure and Household Income

Financial Circumstances Report

Information Sheet


2019.3.11 Rikka ・Ikarashi Residence Hall Admitted Residents'Application Reference Numbers (Intl students)

Details of Residence Halls

Name Total Capacity
(Capacity for International Students)
Eligibility Monthly Fee
Ikarashi Hall Building A
200 (5)
Male students of undergraduate programs Accommodation fee 4,300 yen
Utility expenses:
7,000 yen(variable)
(Membership fee for Dormitory council 2,000 yen per year)
Building B
200 (5)
Female students of undergraduate programs
Rikka Hall Male Residents
100 (20)
Male students of undergraduate or postgraduate programs Roughly 20,000 yen
(includes accommodation fee 13,000 yen, utility expenses 7,000 yen (variable))
Female Residents
100 (20)
Female students of undergraduate or postgraduate programs

Notes (Ikarashi Residence Hall)

  • Room area 9.45㎡(square meter)
  • Restrooms, washbasins, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry facilities are shared.
  • Food is not supplied.
  • No air conditioner but heater in each room.
  • Internet access is available on an individual contract with a provider.

Notes (Rikka Residence Hall)

  • Room Area 12.46m2(square meter)
  • 10 residents who live in the same unit will share a restroom, washbasins, a bathroom, a dinning area, a kitchen, and laundry facilities. Rikka Residence Hall will have a pair of 10 units (male and female) with each unit accommodating 10 residents (8 Japanese and 2 international students).
  • Food is not supplied.
  • Air conditioner in each room.
  • Internet access is available on an individual contract with a provider.