2. Asian Network

Asian Network

Located in Niigata city, facing the Sea of Japan, Niigata University especially acts as a gateway to the world with its base in Asia through carrying out our mission; to become the center of excellence in education and research in Asia.

Network for Education and Research on East Asian Rim (EARNet)



With the aim of working on building and strengthening international networks in the East Asian region while looking out towards the world, Niigata University established Network and Research on East Asian Rim (EARNet) in 2017. EARNet strives to collect a variety of achievements of research and educational activities pertaining to East Asian region from inside and outside the campus, and to return them to our communities, including industry, government, and academia.

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Asian Link Research Center



The Asian Link Research Center was founded as University-wide Organization for Research and Education for the entire university in October 2018. In consideration of the fact that Niigata University is based in a hub city on the Sea of Japan, the center is conducting interdisciplinary research integrating the fields of humanities and science with an area focus on Japan, East Asia, and the surrounding region.

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Inter-University Exchange Project by MEXT: Russia, Turkey, ASEAN



The "Inter-University Exchange Project" is a government funded project that was launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2011 giving financial support to efforts for the formation of collaborative programs with universities abroad. Niigata University has set up several programs under Inter-University Exchange Project, enabling students to become individuals with global competence.

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Database for NU International Collaborative Activity



As Niigata University has been dedicating to strive to bring global perspective to all its programs and activities, we have promoted collaborative research and education with overseas institutions. With this database, you can search for education and research results achieved by institutes and researchers of Niigata University, and see the results by countries, regions or conditions.

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