Niigata University Liaison Professor Assembly Held

JAN 30 2017

Niigata University is working on building and strengthening international networks for revitalizing international exchange and collaborating in East Asia. As part of this work, we have decided to award the honorary title of Liaison Professor to 10 faculty members and researchers who work at overseas universities and have greatly contributed to the international exchange of Niigata University, expecting their continuous assistance and cooperation in further building and promoting the international network of our university.

Niigata University Liaison Professor Assembly was held on Monday, January 16, 2017 at Shofu Hall on the Ikarashi Campus, inviting 8 Liaison Professors from China, Russia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Turkey out of the 10 who were awarded the honorary title (of Liaison Professor) to discuss building and strengthening the international network of Niigata University.

At the assembly, the international strategies and current globalization of Niigata University were reported along with reports from the liaison professors on their activities related to international exchange and collaboration. In the free discussion, the liaison professors provided us a number of suggestions. With exchanges of opinions on promoting international exchange in the future, the assembly ended successfully.