Partnership Agreement Concluded with Niigata Sake Brewer's Association to Create an Academic Discipline: Sake Studies

SEP 11 2017

On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, Niigata University concluded a collaborative agreement with Niigata Prefecture, which administers a prefectural sake test site, and the Niigata Sake Brewer's Association. The purpose is to contribute to the formation and development of international bases regarding the establishment of Sake Studies to cover a wide range of cultural and scientific fields related to sake.

Left: Mr. Odaira, chairman of Niigata Sake Brewer’s Association
Center: Mr. Yoneyama, governor of Niigata Prefecture
Right: Mr. Takahashi, president of Niigata University

The three parties up to now have collaborated and cooperated by conducting joint research with the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Agriculture as well as lecturing. This partnership agreement was concluded to further develop their relationship.

Under the agreement, we aim to build an academic discipline, Sake Studies, that combines cultural and scientific factors related to sake. Also, we aim to contribute to boost the appeal of Niigata sake, a local brand, which represents the prefectural industrial development and Niigata Prefecture, by returning the achievements of our education and research to society.

At the signing ceremony the three expressed their future expectations: President Takahashi said, "We want to fully demonstrate our education and research results as a university and contribute to developing the local community." Governor Yoneyama of Niigata Prefecture said, "I expect the development of the industry of Niigata Prefecture by forming an academic base through industry, government and academic collaboration." Mr. Odaira, chairman of Niigata Sake Brewer’s Association said, “I would like to disseminate the charm of Niigata to the world through education and research about Japanese sake."

We continue devoting ourselves to developing the local community as a university based in the community.