2017 Spring Semester Closing Ceremony for International Students

SEP 11 2017

The closing ceremony of the 2017 Spring Semester for international students was held on Friday, August 4. This closing ceremony was held for the first time as a milestone of the international students’ studies because many of them return home after the end of the first semester. About 20 students, including degree-seeking students, participated in the ceremony which was held in the Library Hall in the affiliated library. In the ceremony, one of the international students spoke in Japanese about what she learned at the university after a greeting from the president.

After the closing ceremony, they moved to the Dai-ichi Cafeteria to hold a tea party which began with President Takahashi’s toast. Faculty, staff, Japanese and international students gathered at each table, deepening their exchange as they talked about each other's countries and what they learned while eating and drinking. Buckwheat noodles were served at the end, which international students relished as they enjoyed their conversation.

An event for experiencing Japanese culture was also provided at the party for international students, which was planned by students who belong to the international volunteer circle. They prepared in advance by conducting a questionnaire survey to international students asking what they would like to do before returning home.

Areas were set up for playing traditional Japanese Karuta and Kendama as well as for learning calligraphy and experiencing Shorinji Kempo. International student eyes were shining when they tried areas that they have little opportunity to experience. A student who learned calligraphy said, "I am happy I could write well." Another student who played Karuta said, "I knew Karuta, but this was my first time to actually play it. I am pleased I could get many cards." They really enjoyed themselves, experiencing Japanese culture together with Japanese students.

Towards the end of the party, a message card was given to international students. The students looked glad to receive messages from their teachers and friends. Some students said, "I want to come back to Niigata after I graduate." The closing ceremony and the party became a memorable event for international and Japanese students, faculty and staff.