Liaison Professor of Niigata University

Overview of the scheme

Niigata University launched the scheme of "LIAISON PROFESSOR of Niigata University (LP)" as part of our strategy on developing and strengthening international network.

The scheme is to confer the title “LIAISON PROFESSOR of Niigata University” to academic staff or researchers, most of whom are our alumni, working overseas who have made great contribution to the academic globalization of Niigata University in terms of education, research and student activities.

With the development of the scheme, we expect to further strengthen the presence of Niigata University, as well as Niigata and Japan in LP’s home countries through expanding and deepening academic and student exchange.

First Liaison Professor Assembly (January 16th, 2017)

Second Liaison Professor Assembly (February 28th, 2018)

List of Liaison Professors of Niigata University

There are 18 Liaison Professors from 10 countries as of July, 2018.