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Download a Brochure

Download our PDF brochure to discover more about Niigata University.

Niigata University - General Information -

In this brochure, you will find detailed information about Niigata University, including its history, undergraduate faculties, graduate schools, facilities, global engagement, and support for international students.

Quick Guide

This leaflet gives brief information about Niigata University.
The leaflets in English, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese are available.


Outline of Faculty/Graduate School

What's inside: Information about each program, tuition, international exchange programs, etc.

Niigata University Overview Videos

Introduction Movie

English Subtitle 2020 (4 min)

Chinese Subtitle 2020 (4 min)

Russian Subtitle 2020 (4 min)

School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

English Subtitle 2019

Faculty of Dentistry

English 2020

Brain Research Institute

Sakeology Center

English Subtitle 2020