Japanese Language Programs

Notice: The following information is effective only for Fall Semester of 2019. Course offerings for the academic year of 2020 (Spring and Fall Semester 2020) will be announced at a later date.

Learning Japanese Language

The following students are eligible to take Japanese Language Learning subjects offered at Ikarashi campus:

  • Undergraduate degree seeking students
  • Exchange students from partner universities.
  • Graduate students are allowed to join if there is a vacancy.

Students' family members, privately-financed research students, faculty researchers and foreign academic staff are not allowed to join any of the following subjects offered at Ikarashi campus.
Eligibility differs for Japanese language learning subjects offered at Asahimachi campus.

Japanese Learning Subjects are divided into 3 categories: I. Learning Japanese Subjects, II. Learning in Japanese Subjects, and III. Communicating in Japanese Subjects.

I. Learning Japanese Subjects

Social Skills in Japanese: Oral Communication/ Writing
Kanji and Vocabulary
Lecture on Japanese Grammar in English
Reading Comprehension: JLPT-N2/JLPT-N3/JLPT-N4
Listening Comprehension: JLPT-N2/JLPT-N3/JLPT-N4
Composition: JLPT-N2/JLPT-N3/JLPT-N4

Any limit in numbers of the lessons?

  • Maximum 4 subjects per term. Students MUST participate in all lessons for each subject.
  • Students are allowed to take any levels of lessons they prefer. For instance, a combination of Reading comprehension N2, no listening comprehension, and composition N4 is acceptable.

Any conditions to take Learning Japanese Subjects?

  • "Social Skills in Japanese" are ONLY open to students who have already passed JLPT-N2 or N1. It designed for students who will write their senior thesis in Japanese or who desire to find a job with a Japanese company.

Any placement test?

  • No placement test needed. Make sure you will attend the very first lesson of the subject you would like to take.

Any other information?

  • We offer Japanese lessons on Asahimachi campus for medical students. There are 4 lessons per week; Tuesday and Thursday are mainly for semi-beginners, and Wednesday and Friday are for beginners.

II. Learning in Japanese Subjects

Communication in Japan
Current Japan:Politics and Economics/History and Culture/Culture and Society/Science and Technology

What to learn?

  • These subjects are NOT designed for learning Japanese but for learning in Japanese.
  • Students learn current Japan from a lot of different viewpoints.

What language do you use in lesson?

  • Lecturers are conducted in simple Japanese

III. Communicating in Japanese Subjects

Active Learning(Lectures will be held in both English and Japanese)
Global Communication
What is Japan (Lectures will be mainly held in English.)

Some of the subjects are held in English but foreign students will have greater opportunity to meet and talk with Japanese students in Japanese.

English in class?

  • No. You learn in Japanese.
  • There are many opportunities for students to use Japanese during the lessons.

Japanese students in class?

  • Yes. Those subjects are for both Japanese and international students

Information on Intensive Japanese Course

Intensive Japanese Course is specially designed for students who are sponsored by Japanese Government, JICA, or the government of their home country. It is not open to international students in general. Please note that Japanese language learning subjects for international students in general start at N4 level.