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Japanese Language Learning Subjects for Academic Year 2020

【For Degree-seeking Students and Exchange Students from Partner Universities】

Read the following Guidance Leaflet carefully, and register by using Student Web System.
Degree-seeking students and exchange students who are overseas, and are scheduled to be enrolled from October 1 may register after October 1.

Guidance Leaflet:   English   Japanese

How  to Register Courses  using Student Web System

Comprehensive List of Courses in Japanese language and studies for Fall Semester

Textbook Order Form ◎Send Textbook Order Form by September 28.

Class Time Table:  English   Japanese  Caution for Selecting Courses(Japanese/English)

Class Schedule (Updated Sept. 18) Japanese language learning subjects and subjects taught in other languages

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Syllabus Search Guide


【For Research Students】
Research Students who are in Japan are allowed to audit up to 3 subjects during Fall 2020. (October 2020-February 2021)
Research students are not eligible for evaluation and credit because of their student status.
International Office will send them email and an application form around September 25.
Do not order a textbook until you know you are accepted.

Research Students who are not in Japan are not allowed to take any Japanese language courses.