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Career Support

Job-Hunting Guidance for International Students

Career Support Seminars

Intercultural Collaborative Learning: Business Communication in a Globalized World A (1st semester)
                                                                              Business Communication in a Globalized World B (2nd semester)
Instructor: Meng Yun

Career Support Network System

Niigata University is a member of Career Support Network System, which is to enhance support for foreign students on their job hunting.
Those who want to get a job in Japan, this system will show you about Japanese way of job-hunting and how to prepare for it. You can learn from the web within 24 hours. Also, it provides information about job openings which company is eager to hire international student as well as guidance, seminar, combined information sessions, etc.

Support for international student's job hunting

  1. Manual and job hunting knowledge (About 40 movies are provided)*
  2. Test preparation (e-learning) (About 200 questions for practice)*
  3. Business Japanese (e-learning) (18 movies are provided)*
  4. Information of company information session for foreign student
  5. Information of combined information session
  6. Information of guidance and seminar for foreign student
  7. Information from university which you are attending
  8. Other information related to international student job-hunting

       *Available on Smartphone

How to register

Please check the manual for details first and register by following the steps below:

  1. Open the website of "Career Support Network for International Students in Japan".
  2. (See page 2 of the manual) After clicking "1. 新規登録" (New Registration), type the e-mail address that you got from the university (****@mail.cc.niigata-u.ac.jp) in the box of 2.
  3. When you receive a confirmation from Career Support Network Office, click the annexed URL.
  4. Enter a password (more than 5 letters, less than 12 letters) in the boxes of パスワード (password), パスワード(確認)(password (confirmation)), and a nickname in the box of ニックネーム (nickname). Your nickname is only shown on the private top pages.
  5. Your registered ID and password will be sent to your E-mail.
  6. By using ID and password, you can access all information of "Career Support Network for International Students in Japan"


For detailed information, please see the website of "Career Job-Hunting Support Office".

Other Information on Job-Hunting Support for International Students

Career Job-Hunting Support Office

Niigata University Career Job-Hunting Support Office provides both Japanese and international students with job hunting support services. For details, please see HERE(mainly in Japanese).

Japan Student Services Organization

Immigration Services Agency for Japan

Employment Rate of International Students

For details, please see HERE.