Admission to Undergraduate Programs (Privately-funded International Students)

Entrance on April, 2010

Eligibility and Requirements

Privately-funded international applicants (with non-Japanese nationality) for undergraduate programs must satisfy the following requirements before Mar. 31, 2010:

  1. International applicants must have taken the "Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students" (EJU) by the "Japan Student Services Organization" (JASSO) in 2008 or 2009 prior to application. The EJU will be held twice a year, and as for the schedules and locations, see
  2. International applicants must have records to prove 1) they have attended a regular school education program for more than twelve years (or its equivalent program appointed by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology), or 2) they are over 18 years old and have a certificate such as International Baccalaureate, Abitur or Baccalauréat in France.
  3. In addition, applicants for the following faculties are required to take TOEFL (in PBT, CBT or iBT version): Humanities, Economics, Science, Engineering, and Agriculture.
  4. As for subjects of EJU that are necessary in order to take entrance examinations at our university and subjects of our entrance examination by each faculty, see the brochure "Nyugakusha Senbatsu Yoko" (a guide for entrance examinations written only in Japanese). This will be published in the last ten days of July 2009.
    "Nyugakusha Senbatsu Yoko" (a guide for entrance examinations) (Japanese only)

Eligibility Confirmation by Niigata University

Before writing an application, applicants must request Niigata University to confirm their eligibility. As for specific instructions for this confirmation procedure, please obtain the abovementioned brochure "Nyugakusha Senbatsu Yoko." In order to obtain this, please send a request to the following

address by post:

Admission Division, Niigata University
8050 Ikarashi 2-no-cho,
Nishi-ku, Niigata,
950-2181, JAPAN

On the request envelope, write "Request for 'Nyugakusha Senbatsu Yoko'" in red. Enclose an A4 size envelope with your name, address, and zip code on its face and International Reply Coupons sufficient for an air mail up to 500 grams or Japanese Postal stamp (390yen).

Or you can find a digital edition on our website, to be uploaded in the same period as its paper publication.
"Nyugakusha Senbatsu Yoko" (a guide for entrance examinations) (Japanese only)

After you have received the "Nyugakusha Senbatsu Yoko" or obtained its digital version, please carefully read the section on special admission for privately-funded international applicants, and submit the following documents to the Admission Division within the prescribed period:

  1. Application for confirmation on your eligibility (use the form attached to the "Nyugakusha Senbatsu Yoko")
  2. Proof of Graduation (copy) or Proof of Anticipated Graduation (Please submit proof of graduation of most recent school (Japanese senior high school equivalent). Must have a Japanese translation attached.)
  3. A return envelope with your name, address, and zip code on its face, and for international delivery, attach International Reply Coupons sufficient for an air mail up to 500 grams (for domestic delivery, put 80yen worth of Japanese postal stamps, and for Express mail, 350yen.)

Please leave enough time for postal mailing as it may take longer than you expect.

Sending Application Forms

After examination of the document, the results of the eligibility confirmation mentioned above will be notified to you. Once your eligibility is confirmed,in order to make your admission application, please obtain the brochure "Boshu Yoko" (application forms for privately-funded international students, written only in Japanese) which is to be published in late November,2009.
This brochure will not be available on the website.
We will send you this only by your request to the Admission Division mentioned above.
On the envelope, write "Request for 'Boshu Yoko'" in red. Enclose an A4 size envelope with your address on its face and International Reply Coupons sufficient for an air mail up to 500 grams or Japanese Postal stamps (390yen).
Once you have obtained the brochure, following its instructions, send necessary documents within the application period.

Selection Process

Applications to Niigata University are accepted at the end of January every year, with selection taking place at the end of the following February. A few applicants will be accepted into each program. Applicants are exempt from the National University Entrance Examinations Examinations. Applicants will be determined based on their results for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students and Privately-funded International Student Special Entry Examination, and depending on the program, their TOEFL results.
Admission Schedule


Different procedures may apply to those who are funded by the Japanese Government.
Information can be found at: Japanese Government Scholarships.


If you have any questions about this procedure, do not hesitate to ask us: