How to apply

Undergraduate Students (Degree Programs)

Japanese Language Proficiency

Most of the classes and examinations at each Faculty in Niigata University are conducted in Japanese language. If you wish to apply as an international student at undergraduate level, you must have sufficient level of Japanese language proficiency to take the classes and examinations.

Admission to undergraduate course can be made through (1) general entrance exam, which is the same as for Japanese students; or (2) privately financed international students entrance exam. Applicants should choose from the two options.

(1) General Entrance Exam
Applicants must take the National Center Test for University Admissions. Niigata University will select students based on the results of the National Center Test, together with individual academic examination and screening of application documents.

(2) Special Entrance Exam for Privately Financed International Students
Application Guidelines for 2020 Privately Funded International Students Special Entrance Examination is scheduled to be announced in late November 2019.
Online application will be introduced for 2020 Privately Financed International Students Special Entrance Examination. Application Guidelines will not be distributed in hard copy.

This entrance exam is for foreign nationals who possess the qualifications required by Niigata University.

Applicants will be exempted from National Center Test requirement and will be selected based on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) offered by Japan Student Services Organization and academic examination by Niigata University. Score for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) offered by ETS, an educational measurement organization in the US, will also be considered for applicants for the Faculty of Humanities, Economics, Science, Engineering and Agriculture.

About EJU: (Japanese) (English)

For details, refer to the Entrance Screening Guidelines.

Applicants should obtain the Admissions Information early to confirm the requirements PRIOR TO application.