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Pre-Study Learning Materials for Students who will Take Part in "Japan-Russia Student Forum"

On this website, we introduce you a wide range of online learning materials which are desirable for students who are taking part in Japan-Russia Student Forum, which will take place from September 12 to 13, 2021, hosted by Niigata University, Japan. You can find a variety of online resources here, and use them as pre-study learning materials leading up to the Forum, which will give you a chance to gain the better understanding of Japan, Niigata,and of course,Niigata University!

We expect that you learn a lot through your independent study, and will be encouraged to have lively discussion with other students at the Forum.  We wish you all the best and hope that you expand your skills, further your education, or simply make new friends while enjoying the participation in the Forum. Take advantage of this opportunity and have a great experience to expand your horizons!

Message from the President of Niigata University

I would like to express my joy and sincere welcome to everyone who takes part in "Japan Russia Student Forum", which will be hosted by Niigata University this September. This website is specifically designed for Russian students who have interests in deepening their knowledge about Japan and Niigata to get themselves prepared for the upcoming event. I recommend you go over the contents listed below as it would stimulate your interests in learning different cultures and gaining new knowledge, and it would help you become better equipped with broader perspectives leading up to the Forum.

A glance through the list of the materials will show you the amazing possibility of online learning, ranging from introduction of Niigata University, distinctive features of Niigata, movies about Japanese culture, and learning contents of Japanese language. Whatever material you may choose, I am sure that it will allow you to experience the quality and excellence of Japan from the convenience of your home country. With the knowledge you would gain through the online study, I believe that you can make the best use of the opportunity, get acquainted with Japanese students and improve your ability to have vibrant discussion with other students at the Forum.

I hope, albeit virtually, that the students make a leap forward to broaden their viewpoints through the interaction with other students whose backgrounds are different from theirs, become a talented leader who has the ability to be active on an international stage, and eventually serve as an important bridge between two countries,  which are Japan and Russia.

Enjoy the opportunity and welcome to Niigata University!

USHIKI Tatsuo, M.D., Ph.D.
President of Niigata University

About Niigata University

Here, we introduce you the distinctive features of Niigata University (NU). Along with them, you can find the information which are useful for international students who aspire to study at NU.

Introduction Movie of Niigata University (Subtitled in Russian)

Presentation about NU/Information for international students who want to study at NU (Russian)

About the City of Niigata

The city of Niigata, where Niigata University is located, is two and half hours away from the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, by Shinkansen (bullet-train). The city has the Consulate General of Russia, and have historically played an important role as a gateway to the Far East. You can find the unique charm of Niigata, where you can appreciate its untouched nature and urban atmosphere at the same time.

Niigata- A Hidden Gem

Mega City Niigata

About "Sakeology"

Niigata is well renowned as one of the top producers of Japanese sake in Japan. Niigata University has "Sakeology Center," and dedicates to the development of "Sakeology," which is the world's first academic discipline, featuring extensive learning with an interdisciplinary focus on sake, which is rooted in Japan's culture and traditions. Let's learn about sake from a variety of perspectives, ranging from culture, science and economics.

(1) Guidance to Sakeology

(2) Sake Brewing, Yeast, and the Palatability

(3) Business Management of Sake

(4) The History of Japanese Sake

(5) The Physiological Effects of Sake Lees

(6) Diabetes and Alcohol Consumption

(7) Manners for enjoying Sake

(8) Methods of Sake Tasting

(9) Exploring Sake Brewery in Niigata

(10) The Spirit of Toji: Passion for Sake Brewing

About Japanese Culture

When you hear the word "Japan," what comes first to your mind? Japanese culture ranges from science and technology, traditional cuisine, manga and anime, and kimono, all of which have multi-faceted as well as intricate features. Here, you can find e-materials which enable you to immerse in Japanese culture and deepen your knowledge in an interesting and informative way.

STAGE BEYOND BORDERS -Selection of Japanese Performances

The Japan Foundation (JF) has started the project "STAGE BEYOND BORDERS - Selection of Japanese Performances," which presents outstanding Japanese stage performances online for people throughout the world who are seeking opportunities to enjoy Japanese stage performances. The works distributed through this project span the three genres of contemporary theater, dance performance and traditional performing arts such as Noh, Kyogen and Kabuki.
For more information, please visit the following link.
STAGE BEYOND BORDERS (The Japan Foundation)


The Japan Cultural Expo is a nationwide celebration of Japanese arts and culture, designed to appeal to a broad domestic and international audience through a diverse program of content, including exhibitions, performing arts productions, and arts festivals.

Led by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Japan Arts Council, its chief objective is to attract international visitors to destinations beyond Japan's main urban centers, showcasing Japan's 10,000-year artistic and cultural heritage. Content is divided into eight categories spanning such as fine art, cultural treasures, the performing arts, media arts, music, literary arts, food and nature, daily life, design, and fashion. Take advantage of this comprehensive initiative and visit the link below to find the places and fields which you have not probably known before!

Materials on Japanese Language

For those who have interests in studying Japanese, an online course, called "Minato", offered by the Japan Foundation would be a good learning platform that provides both a place for learning and for interacting with fellow learners from around the world. You can choose a Japanese language course that suits you most to learn.
"JF Japanese e-Learning Minato"(The Japan Foundation)