2019 Spring Semester Japanese Language Showcase

Jun 13 2019

Global Education Center at Niigata University held the Japanese language showcase of 2019 Spring Semester on Monday, June 10, 2019 at the Central Library Hall on Ikarashi Campus. The event is held twice a year for international students to present their achievements from their Japanese language class.

Following the opening remarks by Assoc. Prof. Yuko Adachi from the Center, the showcase began with a skit, which had been shot beforehand, performed by four international students, who are from Mongolia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Ivory Coast. After the skit raised a laugh of the audience, they stepped onto the stage one by one to recite their speech, answering one question from the floor at the end. The audience was impressed by their fluent Japanese acquired in just the last two months.

Afterwards, three graduate students, who have studied Japanese for at least four years, gave speeches about various topics with sophisticated Japanese.

In his closing remarks, Assoc. Prof. Hideki Ikeda from the Center expressed that their performance demonstrated their efforts they had made to achieve the satisfactory outcome. All of the international students who spoke today received a big round of applause from the audience.

Student from Mongolia

Student from Sri Lanka

Student from the Philippines

Student from Ivory Coast