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Narrative Engine Talk

Jun 26 2019

The Archive Center for Anime Studies of the Asian Link Research Center held a talk on Friday, June 14 at the Central Library Hall on Ikarashi Campus. Film Director Hiroyuki Yamaga, the CEO of GAINAX Co., Ltd., and Prof. Hideki Takahashi, the Director of the Asian Link Research Center discussed the "Narrative Engine".

This talk was a pre-event for the Seminar in Creative Arts V, our lecture to be held in December. The purpose was to have the audience understand and think about the meaning of the coming lecture. The talk was also held as a social contribution of the Archive Center for Anime Studies. Sixty people including students, faculty, staff and people outside the university attended.

Mr. Yamaga stated in the talk that many facts that are steadily thought up are accumulated in high-quality fiction. He explained the importance for students from various specialties to bring in the knowledge and ideas they have acquired in their research and that are rooted in reality in order to create a narrative world that works realistically. Prof. Takahashi explained the structure and development of ancient hieroglyphs in China and Egypt and stated that different cultures encountering each other produce new creations. He demonstrated that culture has been historically developed by building up much knowledge and many ideas. It was a peaceful atmosphere throughout the talk. The audience, taking notes, listened to the two with great interest.

The Archive Intermediate Material Exhibition of "The Wings of Honneamise" was simultaneously held. The exhibition included many intermediate animation materials, which are materials such as creative notes and sketches produced in the animation production process. These materials included creative notes from the design stage of Film Director Yamaga and many sketches drawn by university students and animators who participated in launching the story universe. Many people stopped to attentively see the exhibits, showing high level of interest in intermediate animation materials and the talk.

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