President Takahashi Visits Dalian University of Technology

Jul 01 2019

On June 15 and 16, 2019, the President Sugata Takahashi visited Dalian University of Technology (DUT) in China to participate in the DUT’s 70th Anniversary Ceremony and the signing ceremony for an inter-university agreement with DUT.

DUT is a large-scale university, mostly concentrating on science and technology, established in 1949, Dalian, Liaoning Province and is sponsored by the 985 Project as one of the key universities under the direct control of the Ministry of Education of China. DUT has around 2,200 full-time faculty members and around 37,000 students.

Between the two universities, the cooperative research of architectural field in residential building plan in snowy-cold regions started in the middle of 1990’s and concluded an inter-departmental exchange agreement in March 2003. Then, “Excellence 9 League (E9)”, which is joined by 9 Chinese universities including DUT, and the Consortium of Six National Universities in Japan (SixERS), which is joined by 6 national universities including Niigata University, concluded an international exchange agreement in November 2016. Through these continuous contributions and relationship with DUT, this time the President Takahashi had an opportunity to be invited to the DUT’s 70th Anniversary Ceremony and conclude an exchange agreement to promote cooperation for the future.

On June 15, 2019, the signing ceremony was held in DUT, attended by the President Sugata Takahashi, Prof. Shinya Nishimura of Faculty of Engineering from Niigata University, and from DUT the President Guo Dongming, President Assistant Luo Zhongxuan, Prof. Lu Wei and Prof. Zhou Bo, both of School of Architecture and Fine Arts. The agreement was signed in a friendly and cordial atmosphere, after both presidents confirmed their commitment for further cooperation.

On June 16, 2019, the President Takahashi participated in the DUT’s 70th Anniversary Ceremony, which was splendidly held in Liu Changchun Gymnasium of DUT, attended by presidents of universities in Japan, UK, Australia and other countries. 

We will continue to expand academic and student exchanges with China as part of our East Asia strategy to be the center of excellence in education and research.

Signing Ceremony

70th Anniversary Ceremony in Liu Changchun Gymnasium of DUT