Commitment Speech by President Takahashi

Jul 26 2019

President Takahashi participated in the launch event of 30% Club Japan* to improve the proportion of female corporate executives, which was held in Tokyo on Wednesday, July 17. Niigata University is working to reach a female proportion of 30 percent in the management council and board of directors by 2030.

Shiseido CEO Mr. Masahiko Uotani, who was appointed president of 30% Club Japan explained the vision and future action policy at the event followed by member commitment speeches. President Takahashi affirmed a commitment of Nurturing Individuals for Solving Gender Issues and expressed his determination to reach the goal.

Niigata University continues to work to achieve this goal.

* The 30%  Club, founded in the UK in 2010, is the worldwide campaign with the aim of working to realize sound gender balance in corporate decision-making bodies such as Boards of Directors for sustainable growth of corporations. Currently, the club has developed in 14 countries and regions including Japan and is contributing greatly to improving the female executive proportion in each country. The work in Japan started as the 30% Club Japan on May 1, 2019 to realize corporate diversity, cooperating with companies, institutional investors, government agencies, media and universities.

Commitment Speech by President Takahashi
Members that made commitment speeches (President Takahashi, in the front row, far right)

Commitment Speech by President Takahashi
Commitment sheet demonstrated by President Takahashi