Noshiro Space Event 2019

Sep 04 2019

The CANSAT Project (Nics) group that is working in the Monozukuri Project at the Education Center for Engineering and Technology of the Faculty of Engineering won first place in the flyback category and second place in the runback category at the Noshiro Space Event CanSat Competition, the largest amateur space event in Japan, held in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture from August 15 to 23, 2019.

In the CanSat Competition, competitors launch a can-size artificial satellite on a drone to about 50m above the ground and compete for how close it can reach the target point on the ground. Flyback is to approach by gliding in the air to the target point, and runback is to parachute down on the ground and approach by running on the ground with tires. Both are operated automatically using GPS.

About 500 visitors including 200 students attended the Noshiro Space Event. Four teams competed in the flyback category and 25 in the runback.

Noshiro Space Event 2019 Noshiro Space Event 2019 Noshiro Space Event 2019