President's Award Ceremony

Sep 17 2019

The President's Award, which is an award granted to encourage young faculty members in their research, was established in 2014 to further improve Niigata University research. This award honors young researchers who have achieved remarkable research results with the aim of fostering excellent young researchers who will be responsible for future academic research and motivating them to conduct cutting-edge research.

Six faculty members, as shown below, were selected for the 6th President’s Award and the award ceremony was held on Thursday, August 29. Niigata University will continue to recognize talented young researchers and improve the  research standard of our university.

President’s Award Ceremony From the left in the back row: Director Hitoshi Takahashi, President Sugata Takahashi, Toshihiko Hirai (Director of Research Planning Promotion Department) and the prize winners

Name Affiliation/Title Article
Akihito Ochiai Institute of Science and Technology/Assistant Professor Rice Defensin OsAFP1 is a New Drug Candidate against Human Pathogenic Fungi
Tatsuya Yamagishi Institute of Medicine and Dentistry/Assistant Professor Molecular diversity of clustered protocadherin-α required for sensory integration and short-term memory in mice
Hiroki Sato Medical and Dental Hospital/Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Esophageal motility disorders: new perspectives from high-resolution manometry and histopathology
Takuya Konno Brain Research Institute/Assistant Professor CSF1R-related leukoencephalopathy: A major player in primary microgliopathies
Selvan Bellan Center for Transdisciplinary Research/Assistant Professor Thermal performance of a 30 kW fluidized bed reactor for solar gasification: A CFD-DEM study
Kazuyuki Sekizawa Center for Transdisciplinary Research/Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Suppressed Solitonic Cascade in Spin-Imbalanced Superfluid Fermi Gas