17th Formula SAE Japan

Sep 19 2019

Niigata University's Student Formula Project sent a team to participate in the 17th SAE Japan Tournament held at Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium from August 27 to 31, 2019.

Based on the vehicles up to last year, a vehicle was built this year, focusing on being simple and sporty, balancing sportiness with maintainability and reliability.  As the team willingly conducted vehicle inspections and trial runs securely in advance, they were able to attend the tournament with a finished high-quality vehicle.

Passing the vehicle inspection was delayed due to a fuel line problem, but the dynamic examinations of the acceleration, skid-pad, which is running in a figure eight, and an autocross were smoothly cleared. The students successfully ran the endurance test that they could not complete last year due to an electrical problem. Two drivers completed 20 laps for a total of 20 km. This was the first successful full distance completion in eight years with participation in all the static and dynamic examinations.

17th Formula SAE Japan 17th Formula SAE Japan