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Students of Graduate School of Science and Technology Designed Ad Trucks for Sado Island Tourism

Nov 17 2022

Students of Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology who attended the lecture, "Special Topics in Design Expression," conducted by Prof. HASHIMOTO Manabu of Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, designed advertising trucks for the promotion of tourism on Sado Island. The project was conducted as part of "Niigata Brand Information Dissemination Project," in which Niigata Prefecture collaborates with transportation companies such as Niigata Transportation, and introduces the appeals of Niigata to the public in order to help increase the brand awareness of Niigata and develop the tourism industry.

The unveiling ceremony of the advertising trucks was held at Niigata Prefectural government office on October 7. In attendance were Niigata Prefecture Governor HANAZUMI Hideyo; President of Niigata Transportation Co., Ltd., SAKAI Misao; Executive Director and Vice President of Niigata University (NU), KAWABATA Kazushige; Prof. HASHIMOTO Manabu; graduate students who designed the ad trucks, Mr. HONG Chenjun, Ms. IKEGAYA Moegi and Mr. WAKASA Takumi.

At the ceremony, the trucks were unveiled after greetings from each attendee. Governor HANAZUMI said: "I am grateful to the students of NU who took part in this project. I truly hope that the trucks will catch the attention of many people. Now, we need to shift to an approach to overcome the impact of COVID-19, and expand the number of tourists and visitors in Niigata. With the help of the trucks, we would like to vitalize Niigata Prefecture and Sado Island." President SAKAI of Niigata Transportation expressed his gratitude and expectations: "We would like to spread the charm of Niigata and Sado Island, giving courage and hope to the residents in local areas." NU's Executive Director and Vice President, Mr. KAWABATA greeted; "This collaboration was a meaningful opportunity for NU whose mission is to cooperate with society. We would like to continue to contribute to the promotion of regional attractions and the creation of new industries."

The three ad trucks are to run in the nine wards of Tokyo, which are Chiyoda, Chuo, Koto, Edogawa, Shibuya, Katsushika, Bunkyo, Taito and Sumida, for about a year from October 2022. Niigata University will continue to collaborate with the local communities based on its educational and research achievements, and contribute to work for the development of the regional communities.


Work by Mr. HONG: Using the contrast between "sea and mountains" and "stillness and motion," he depicted majestic nature and a crested ibis flying through the air, expressing the charm of Sado Island.
Work by Ms. IKEGAYA: The sea of Sado is drawn on one side of the truck and the land on the other side. Using silhouettes, the fun atmosphere of Sado Island is expressed.
Work by Mr. WAKASA: The student put a lot of thought into the layout of a crested ibis and waves with the catchphrase, "Beyond the ages, with you, from now on." He aims to convey the charm of Sado to the outside of the island.
(From back left to right) Governor HANAZUMI, President SAKAI, Director and Vice-President KAWABATA; (Middle row) Drivers of Niigata Transport; (From left front) Professor HASHIMOTO, Ms. IKEGAYA, Mr. WAKASA, Mr. HONG

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