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AY 2024 Entrance Ceremony

Apr 05 2024

The entrance ceremony of 2024 was held at Toki Messe in Chuo-ku, Niigata City on Wednesday, April 3.

A total of 3,197 students enrolled in our university this year: 2,380 to the undergraduate degree programs, 611 to the master's degree programs, 141 to the doctoral degree programs, 15 to the postgraduate professional degree programs and 50 to the special school nurse program.

At the ceremony, President USHIKI said, "On the occasion of your admission, I would like you to keep our philosophy Autonomy and Creativity in mind and share the future vision of Niigata University, so that you can spend your student life meaningfully. I also want you to remember to keep intellectual curiosity, continue to enjoy learning, and be faithful to your own dreams you had when you entered the university."

In response, Ms. FUJIWARA Nanami from the Faculty of Medicine spoke on behalf of the new first year students, "We hereby pledge to remember to be grateful, make our student life a fruitful one, and devote our utmost effort to our studies so that we can achieve our personal goals."

Congratulations on your admission.
We hope you will spend fruitful time at Niigata University.


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