President Takahashi Participated in the 75th Anniversary of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University in Russia

Dec 11 2017

President Takahashi participated in the 75th anniversary of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University in Russia, a partner school of Niigata University, from Monday, November 20 to Tuesday, November 21.
Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, a major medical school in Siberia, has been exchanging students and researchers with our School of Medicine since 1993, totaling over 100 exchanges to date. Particularly in recent years, exchanges have greatly expanded, promoted by the G-MedEx Project adopted by the Inter-University Exchange Project by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Since 2014).
An academic session was first held at the commemorative event. President Takahashi gave a discourse on "History of Medical Education in Japan." Many faculty and students at Krasnoyarsk State Medical University participated and asked many questions.

Presentation by President Takahashi

Eager participants

Subsequently, four of the guests from overseas universities offered their congratulations at the grand memorial ceremony held at the civic Hall. President Takahashi described the history and achievements of the past exchanges between the two universities and introduced same projects currently being undertaken by Niigata University and the School of Medicine. He also talked about his expectations for further collaboration in the future and presented a souvenir from Japan to Rector Ivan Artyukhov on the stage.

President Takahashi giving a congratulatory speech

Souvenir presentation

The commemorative event was held in a peaceful atmosphere from beginning to end. This was a good opportunity to confirm the strong continuing exchange between the two universities. Since our university was entrusted with partial responsibility for the Projects that establish an information platform for Japanese universities of the Type B Inter-University Exchange Project from 2017, which Hokkaido University is coordinating, in which we take responsibility for coordinating the Japan-Russia exchange in multiple fields, we will continue to expand and deepen our exchange, placing Russian exchange as one of the core projects of the East Asian Rim scheme.