2018 Fall Semester Entrance Ceremony for International Students

Oct 02 2018

The entrance ceremony of the 2018 Fall Semester for international students was held on Wednesday, September 26th at the Central Library Hall on Ikarashi Campus.

Niigata University welcomed a total of 170 new students from 20 countries and regions including China, Taiwan, Thailand, France, Russia, Germany, Sri Lanka and others.

After the opening remark by Prof. Yasuhiko Yukawa, the director of Global Education Center, President Sugata Takahashi gave his welcome address encouraging the new students. “In addition to what you learn from class, please also learn a lot about Japanese culture and history and enjoy rich nature and food in Niigata in your daily lives. I hope that all of you students will develop your potential and possibilities in this ideal environment.” He also urged the students to make many friends. “The friendship you form during your student years will become your lifetime assets and will further enrich your life”, he said.

We wish all of the new students the very best in their student life here at Niigata University.