Joint Training with Administrative Staff from the University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka)

Oct 31 2018

Joint training with three administrative staff members from the University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka), under the inter-university exchange agreement, was held from Friday, October 12 to Tuesday, October 16.

The University of Peradeniya is the oldest university in Sri Lanka, building on the base of Ceylon University, which was established in 1942. Now a national university with nine faculties, the University of Peradeniya is positioned as an important base for research and education for educating individuals who will help to develop Sri Lanka.

The Faculty of Dentistry, Niigata University and the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Peradeniya concluded an agreement in 2004 followed by an inter-university agreement in December 2010. Since then programs have been created and conducted to promote not only student, but also faculty and staff exchange. The joint training this time is the 8th program of this exchange.

Following last year, four staff members from four different divisions, the Student Support Division, Human Resources Planning Division, Financial Planning Division, and Collaborative Education Support Division, participated in this program, as part of an English training program for the staff of Niigata University. On the first day, a question-and-answer session on the work of the academic, financial and general affairs departments and the administrative system was implemented in addition to introducing both universities. On the second day, they visited facilities such as the relevant departments and International House (Accommodation for International students and researchers) and exchanged opinions as they toured the actual sites. At each visit, the Niigata University staff explained their daily work in English in an easy-to-understand manner and the University of Peradeniya staff listened attentively. With both sides having a lively conversation toward the latter half of the training, the training ended up fruitful for both sides.

Q&A session with the University of Peradeniya (right) and Niigata University (left) staff  Facility tour