Fifth U-go Salon Hosted by Institute for Research Promotion

Dec 26 2018

Niigata University’s Institute for Research Promotion promotes integrated research across academic disciplines to further strengthen the fundamental and applied research capabilities in a wide range of fields from the natural sciences to the humanities and social sciences in collaboration with the University Research Administration Office (URA).

The Fifth U-go Salon was held on Tuesday, December 18 at Toki-mate, the Ekinan Campus. The U-go Salon is part of the U-go program hosted by the Institute for Research Promotion. The salon is held every six months in June and December, creating a place for researchers to gather to help meet new people and form groups for collaborations across fields and combined research.

Fifth U-go Salon Fifth U-go Salon

The theme this time was "It all started from U-go! Coincidence and Consequence." At the presentation and panel discussion in the first half of the gathering, research on cross-sectoral integration was introduced as a U-go study case by two research teams: a team covering particle physics, signal processing and river engineering that received U-go grants last year and the year before that is accelerating cross-sectoral integration research, and a team covering regional nursing and folklore studies that started collaborating by having given poster presentations at the U-go Salon.

Fifth U-go Salon Fifth U-go Salon

In the second half, an entry sheet describing the research details and interests of each participant was posted at the venue to make it smoother and more active for the participants to mingle with each other.

The Institute for Research Promotion and University Research Administration Office (URA) will continue to promote research through cross-sectoral collaboration and integration.