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Non-Degree Programs (Research Student)

How to apply

Research Students

Those wishing to conduct research in a specific field at undergraduate or graduate level may do so as non-degree seeking Research Students. No degrees or qualifications will be given upon completion of the research period.

Research Students may attend lectures (subject to approval by the teacher providing the lecture) but will not be given academic credit for attendance.

In general, many international students enroll from six months to one year as "Research Student" to conduct research under the guidance of their academic supervisors before enrolling in Graduate Degree Programs. (BUT the supervisors may allow international students to take an entrance examination without being "Research Student".)

If you wish to become a Research Student, you must find an academic supervisor who will accept a research student and obtain approval on the contents of your research.

Application Procedure

If you wish to become a Research Student, obtain approval from the prospective academic supervisor and submit the application documents to the intended Faculty/Graduate School, etc. (Application documents and deadlines may differ between Faculty/Graduate School. Please seek instruction from the prospective academic supervisor for the application method.)

Click here to confirm examination, admission, and course fees for Research Students. There are no exemptions to these fees for Research Students.

Application documents

  1. Research Student application form (forms designated by relevant Faculty/Graduate School, etc.)
  2. CV (designated format)
  3. Health examination certificate
  4. Diploma of school last graduated and school transcript
  5. Copy of passport, or family register or certificate of citizenship, etc. issued by a public agency of native country that proves domicile
  6. Photograph
  7. Approval from supervisor (for applicants in employment)
  8. Other documents required by relevant Faculty/Graduate School, etc

*Application cannot be made without having a supervising faculty.
*Admission eligibility (application eligibility) must be confirmed prior to making the application.

Becoming a Research Student procedure may differ between Faculties and Graduate Schools, etc. For details, contact the Student Affairs Office at the relevant Faculty/Graduate School.

Application procedure may take considerable time. Note that the application procedures start about six months prior to the commencement of course studies which are generally in April or October.