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Philosophy, Mission, Vision

Niigata University Diversity Statement

The philosophy of Niigata University is "Autonomy and Creativity". Based on the traditions of engaging in truths with modesty fostered in the land of "Koshi"*, and the enterprising spirit of a port city open to the world, Niigata University aims to contribute to world peace and development by striving to expand and create human knowledge through education and research.

In order to achieve this aim, it is necessary to foster the next generation by promoting diversity and talent throughout the university's community, and by encouraging active participation in education and research.

Therefore, further to our 2010 statement on the Promotion of Gender Equality, Niigata University is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, including gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, nationality, religion and disability. Regardless of any differences, each member will work together, will respect each other while fulfilling their abilities and individuality and will establish an environment where knowledge can be created, developed and shared.

Niigata University hereby declares that it promotes diversity throughout the university.

* Koshi is an old name of Niigata, and the meaning of its Kanji is "high ambitions".

Basic Policy

  1. Niigata University prohibits discrimination based on any personal attribute and will endeavor to establish a campus environment in which each member mutually accepts their diversity and respects each member’s human rights and personalities.  

  2. Niigata University will establish a system that facilitates consultations for members who need consideration and will offer appropriate support while respecting each person’s intention.

  3. Niigata University will endeavor to improve the accessibility of education, research, and working environments for the development of intellectual creative activities.

  4. Niigata University will endeavor to develop human resources who will play a leading role in promoting diversity and inclusion.