Niigata University Scholarships

Receiving a Scholarship at Niigata University

1. Receiving a University Recommendation (1)

International students may apply for any scholarship from any organization in accordance with the scholarship application requirements while enrolled. (Scholarship application requirements are put on the notice-boards whenever they come available.)

However, when "university recommendation" is included in the application requirements, applicants are subject to a decision after a Privately Funded International Student Scholarship Application Interview held by Niigata University, as the university decides the order in which people are recommended for scholarships.

Outline of selection for Privately Funded International Student Scholarships offered by Niigata University

  1. Selection Notification: October (notification will be by mail and e-mail)
  2. Interview: November (applicants will be notified individually)
  3. Decision: April (applicants will be notified individually)
  4. Recommendation from the University: At a suitable time

Selection Process
Decisions will be made taking into account interview results, entrance examination results, academic results and research activities. Decisions will be made for all levels: undergraduate and graduate (master's program, doctoral program). The results of these decisions apply for scholarships for which recommendation from the university is a condition. They do not apply for scholarships that have been applied for privately.

Based on the results of this decision, applicants will be nominated, in order of ranking, for any of the below recommendations (1)-(4).

(1) Recommendation for a Scholarship from the Japanese Government (MEXT) (Government-Financed International Student)

Of those already enrolled at Niigata University and entering their final year of undergraduate study, or those entering or currently engaged in postgraduate study, the most highly rated person in the Master's and Doctorate programs from each of the academic disciplines (Humanities and Education, Science and Technology, and Medicine and Dentistry), and the most highly rated undergraduate student.

*In 2009, 5 recommendations were made for Research Students, with 2 being accepted.
Research Students: 154,000 yen~ 155,000 yen a month
Undergraduate Students: 125,000 yen a month

(2) Recommendation for a Scholarship from JASSO (Privately Financed International Student)

A system providing financial assistance to Privately Financed International Students who are recognized to have excellent academic records and in character that under financial hardship. JASSO sets the number of students who can be recommended.

*In 2009, 38 recommendations were accepted for Postgraduate International Students with 9 being accepted for Undergraduate International Students.
Graduate Level: 65,000 yen a month
Undergraduate Level: 48,000 yen a month

(3) Recommendation for the Niigata University International Exchange Fund (Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students)

An unique Niigata University scholarship.
10 applicants will receive a monthly amount of 30,000 yen for an academic year.

(4) Recommendation for Scholarships from Various Organizations


2. Receiving a University Recommendation (2)

Recommendation for the Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Recommendation for the Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation Scholarship takes place based on the results of a Japanese test and an interview which is conducted separately from other scholarship.

  1. Selection Notification: August (notification will be posted on a bulletin board.)
  2. Japanese Test and Interview: September (applicants will be notified individually)
  3. Notification of Decision: October (applicants will be notified individually)
  4. Recommendation from the University: October

3. Applying for Scholarships Yourself

Information on Other Organizations Offering Scholarships


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