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Niigata University Scholarship

Niigata University International Student Scholarship Program Implementation Guidelines [Excerpt/English Translation]

Supported Students:

This program supports international students who are planning to enter Niigata University or who have entered Niigata University for each academic year. They must meet any of the following criteria and excel in academic achievement and personality. Although it is possible to combine this scholarship with other scholarships (The Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students and Scholarships Open to Individual Application), the total amount (monthly) of the scholarship from this program and other scholarships must not exceed the amount (monthly) received by MEXT scholarship students of the same level.

  1. Privately funded international students participating in "Special Program for Prioritized Allocation of Government-Funded International Students"
  2. Applicants of MEXT scholarship by university recommendation (research students and general section) who have not been granted scholarships
  3.  Participants of international double / joint degree programs (DD, JD, CP)

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Allowance
    Degree-seeking students: 70,000 yen per month
    Research students*: 50,000 yen per month
    * Students who are enrolled for the purpose of advancing to graduate schools

  • Traveling expenses
    - Airfare to Japan from your home country
    - Airfare from Japan to your home country

Period of Scholarship:

  1. For degree-seeking students, the scholarship is granted from the month that he/she is enrolled to the last month of the standard period of study of the course. When the grade advances, Niigata University will examine whether the scholarship is granted at the next grade.

  2. For research students, as a general rule, the scholarship period will be from October of the current fiscal year to March of the following year.
    (1) Research Students cannot extend the scholarship period if they stay in non-degree courses.
    (2) If research students become degree-seeking students of Niigata University, the scholarship period will be from the month the student is enrolled to the last month of the standard period of study of the course.

  3. Participants of international double / joint degree programs (DD, JD, CP) cannot receive the scholarship during program periods in which they study and research in foreign universities.