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Student Life

Before Leaving Japan

When returning to home country

There are many things you must do before leaving Japan when completing your studies at Niigata University and returning to your home country. Necessary procedures are listed below. Please read them carefully beforehand, and make your plan to return to your home country.

【Important】COVID-19 Negative Test Result Certificate
In some countries/regions, presentation of a certificate proving a negative test result for COVID-19 may be required when entering the country/region. As the measures for COVID-19 taken by each country/region are constantly changing, please ask the relevant embassy for the latest information when planning to return to your home country.

Procedures at Niigata University

Obtain confirmation about returning to your home country
When the date of your departure from Japan is determined, you must notify the Student Affairs Office of your Faculty or Graduate School. Show your airline ticket confirming the booking status.
(As a receiving organization, Niigata University is responsible for managing its international students and must ensure that they return to their home countries after graduation, completion, withdrawal, etc.)

Submit “Notification Form for Students and Researchers before Departure”
For the sake of security Export Control, please submit “Notification Form for Students and Researchers before Departure” no later than 3 weeks prior to the date of your departure from the university by following the instruction of your Faculty or Graduate School.

Return your Student ID Card
Please return your Student ID Card to the Student Affairs Office of your Faculty/Graduate School.

Make sure to return your laboratory keys, library books, and other borrowed items from Niigata University to the appropriate place. In addition, please check with your Faculty/Graduate School if there are any required documents.

Procedures related to your life in Japan

<<Moving out from accommodation>>

Exit your accommodation
Contact the real estate agent one to three months before exiting. Contact gas, water and power companies to make the final payment. Make sure your unit is clean. Return the keys.
*For details on moving out, please follow the guidance and instructions of the Co-op, real estate agency, etc., that manages your accommodation.

Take care of your own bulk waste (large items) properly
Disposal of unwanted items, especially bulk wastes, requires prior notice. Contact Niigata City Bulk Waste Reception Center by phone or online.
 Niigata City Bulk Waste Policy
  https://www.city.niigata.lg.jp/kurashi/gomi/gomishigen/gomidasi/niigata/discard.html(Japanese language only)
 Niigata City Bulk Waste Reception Center  
  TEL 025-290-5353
  Online Application System https://www.sodai.city.niigata.jp/ (Japanese language only)

Report cancelation of an apartment contract to International Office (If you have taken out “Comprehensive Renter’s Insurance for International Students.”)
If you have enrolled in “Comprehensive Renter’s Insurance for International Students” and asked Niigata University to be the guarantor for your apartment, please report cancelation of the apartment contract to International Office.

<<Procedures at the ward office>>

Notice of moving out
Submit a notice of moving out at the ward office. It should be submitted about two weeks before leaving Japan. Take your Resident Card, Notification Card (Notification Card for My Number), and passport. Return your My Number Card if you have one and do not plan to come back to Japan.

Withdrawal from National Health Insurance
Complete the withdrawal procedure for National Health Insurance at the ward office and return the Health Insurance Card. Pay any outstanding amount. Take documentary evidence for date of leaving Japan, if any.
(Example: airline ticket confirming booking status)

<<Required by Immigration Services Agency>>

Notification of the Accepting Organization
When you complete your studies at Niigata University, prepare the Notification of the Accepting Organization (withdrawal)  and submit to the Immigration Services Agency within 14 days from the end date of your academic period. You can submit the notification online through the  Immigration Services Agency's e-Notification System using your computer or smartphone. For details, click HERE.

In addition to using the online notification service, you can also bring the form to the nearest regional immigration office or mail it to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.

Mailing address:
Yotsuya Tower 14F, 1-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004
Registration Department, Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau
*Write “Notification Included” in red on the front of the envelope
*Include a copy of both sides of the Residence Card

When you fill in the “Notification of the Accepting Organization (withdrawal),” the “Date of left the organization” should be the end date of your enrollment period.
 March 25: Graduation Ceremony
 March 31: End date of your enrollment period
 April 3: Your departure from Japan

For the example above, your “Date of left the organization” should be March 31, and you must submit the “Notification of the Accepting Organization (withdrawal)” within 14 days from the date. If you write a future date for the “Date of left the organization” and submit the document before the “Date of left the organization,” it will not be accepted. Refer to the example to fill out the document HERE (Japanese only).

Note that if you leave Japan before the end of your enrollment and return your residence card at the departure airport, as in the following example, you do not need to file the notification.
 February 13: End of classes
 February 15: Departure from Japan
        You return the residence card upon departure from Japan.
 February 28: End of your enrollment period at Niigata University

In addition, you cannot access the “Immigration Services Agency's e-Notification System” from overseas. If you need to submit the notification from overseas, please do so by international mail.


Closing bank accounts
Confirm that all necessary payments have been made and close your bank account. Take your passbook, bank cards, seal (if used for opening the account), and personal ID (Resident Card, passport, etc.).

Cancellation of other contracts/ Return items
If you have contracts for mobile phones, smart phones and personal computers, you must cancel the contracts. Remember to make the final payment when you cancel the contracts. If you have rental items, make sure to return them.

<<At the airport>>

Returning the Residence Card
Return to the immigration officer at the airport of departure. Carry it with you. Do not place in checked baggage.

Checklist for Returning to Home Country

Notes on the status of residence of “Student”

・Notice on status of residence
When you complete your studies at Niigata University or withdraw from Niigata University, you cannot continue to stay in Japan with the status of residence of “Student.” It is illegal to do so. If you remain in Japan, you have to change the status of residence from “Student” to a different status.
*In principle, exchange students may not change their status of residence and stay in Japan: they must return to their home countries.

・“Designated Activities” for international students to continue job-hunting after graduation
If a full-time student with status of residence as “Student” is to continue employment seeking activities that have been on-going during his/her studies, application to change the status of residence from “Student” to “Designated activities” may be available. Contact the International Office for details before graduation.
*Non-degree-seeking students such as research students, credited auditors and special auditing students (including exchange students) are not eligible.