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Student Life

Upon Arrival

When your address is determined after entering Japan

When you receive a visa to stay for three months or longer after entering Japan, you should take the necessary procedures at the ward office. (Mid- to long-term residents have a duty to report)

Mid- to long-term resident refers to foreign nationals staying in Japan for medium- to long-term with a "Resident" status under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act. It does not apply to foreign nationals with "Temporary Visitor" status of residence, staying for less than three months. Resident registration, national health insurance and national pension plan are not available to Temporary Visitors.

Procedures at the Ward Office

1. Notice of (Change of) Place of Residence/Notice of Change of Address

When your place of residence is determined, the new address must be notified to the ward office within 14 days. When filing a notice of residence to the municipality, please bring your passport and Residence Card.

Moving from outside of Niigata City

If you move and change your place of residence, new address must be notified within 14 days.
File a notice of moving out with the municipality of the previous residence and obtain a Certificate of Moving Out. Procedures for moving in can be started only after obtaining the Certificate of Moving Out.

Change of Residence within Niigata City

If you move and change your place of residence within Niigata City, new address must be notified within 14 days. Certificate of Moving Out is not necessary if you are moving within Niigata City. Please bring your Residence Card.

Residence Card

If you enter Japan from Niigata Airport, your Residence Card will not be issued immediately. It will be posted to your residence after filing a Notification on Change of Address at the ward office. Please notify the Student Affairs Office of your Faculty or Graduate School when you receive your Residence Card. Take your Residence Card with you when you go out. If you are not carrying your Residence Card, you may be subject to penalty of up to 200,000 yen. If you do not present your Residence Card when requested, you may be subject to up to one year of imprisonment, or 200,000 yen penalty.

2. Enrolling in National Health Insurance

Foreign nationals residing in Niigata City under 75 years of age must enroll in the National Health Insurance scheme provided by Niigata City.
Upon enrollment, monthly premium must be paid and you will receive a health insurance card. By presenting the health insurance card when receiving treatment at medical facilities, you will only be required to pay 30% of your medical bill. However, you will be liable for full amount of the medical bill for treatment not covered by the health insurance scheme.

Moving from outside of Niigata City

Your national health insurance card will be issued by Niigata City, so you must follow procedures for enrollment.

3. Enrolling in National Pension Program

All persons from 20 years and under 60 years of age with place of residence in Japan must enroll in the National Pension Program regardless of their nationality.

Students may apply for exemption or reprieve from premium payments, so please consult with the word office. You must apply for exemption or reprieve from premium payments annually.
Nishi Ward Office, Insurance and Pension Section Telephone: 025-264-7243

When you complete your resident registration and enrollment/exemption application for National Health Insurance and National Pension, your national health card, national health insurance premium notice and national pension documents will be posted to your residence in several days.