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Health and Safety

Counseling Services

International Students, who are away from home country and living in Japan, may encounter various problems in their student lives, including academic work, interpersonal relationships, and financial issues. Some of you may feel lonely or worried with the current pandemic situation of COVID-19.

Niigata University provides counseling support* for students who need help for their anxiety. If you feel like talking to someone about your concern, you can call us at the numbers listed below. Your information will be strictly protected and kept confidential.

*Please bear in mind that you cannot receive medical consultation regarding your health condition.

Consultation Counters *Counters are closed on national holidays.

1. Student Counseling Room

  • Clinical psychologists provide you with counseling service.
    【Reception hours】09:00-17:00 on weekdays

2. Student Counselors

Teachers of respective Faculty/Graduate School, and International Education Center provide you with advice and instructions.
You can ask any teacher/counselor from any facility listed in the following link.

3. Support Room for Special Education

  • Our staff help those students who need special support.
    【Reception hours】09:00-17:00 on weekdays

4. Others

  • International Office
     Office's staff provide various procedures and information with international students to  support their student life. General consultation services are also available.
    <email>kokusai@adm.niigata-u.ac.jp (English and Japanese are available)
  • One-stop Student Support Counter
    For those who are not sure where to consult or those who shy away from consulting with teachers, the staff members of Niigata University provide consultation. (Japanese only)
    【Reception hours】08:30-17:15 on weekdays

Other Support

Besides the consultation counters, you can always talk to your academic advisors/Student Affairs Office of your Faculty/Graduate Schools.