Accommodation for International Students

International House, located on Niigata University's Ikarashi Campus, is a residence for international students and researchers. It is for housing those new to Japan, and in particular those students who have come to Niigata University through an inter-university exchange arrangement. Numbers are limited, and the period for residence is one year. After leaving International House, residence options include private apartments or similar in the vicinity of the university. Most of the enrolled international students live in these apartments. Since 2009, a number of apartments near Ikarashi Campus have been leased by Niigata University, and are offered to international students under the same conditions as those for International House

The below accommodation is available for international students.

Accommodation Provided by the University

International House

International House
A furnished residence located on Ikarashi Campus for international students and researchers.

University-leased Apartments

Ikarashi Campus Asahimachi Campus
Apartments within walking distance to campuses have been leased by Niigata University and are offered to international students under the same conditions as those for International House. The apartments are furnished.

Residence Halls (Student Dormitories)

Residence Halls
Two residence halls are open to students enrolled as a degree-seeking student at one of the departments or graduate schools of Niigata University.

Other Types of Accomodation

In addition to the facilities mentioned above, there are many private apartments for students in the vicinity of Niigata University campuses. Please note rental rates will vary depending on multiple factors such as location and room type.

Average Rental Costs

Type of Accommodation Rent (Monthly)
Apartment (6 to 8 tatami mats, approx. 9.7 – 13.0m2) Private bath and toilet 25,000 to 55,000 yen
Shared bath and toilet 15,000 to 20,000 yen
Apartments with meals (boarding house) 40,000 to 65,000 yen

Notice: Based on Japanese customs for apartment contracts, residents are often required to pay security deposit (shikikin) and/or key money (reikin) in addition to the rent for the first month at the time of initiating a contract. The amount of these fees can be up to the sum of four months' rent depending on the company policy.