Japanese Government Scholarships

Government-Related Scholarships Able to be Applied for before Coming to Japan
Government Related Scholarships that can be applied for before coming to Japan are offered by Japan's MEXT and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), who are each responsible for their own screening and selection. They are outlined below.

1. Scholarships screened and selected by MEXT

There are two methods for applying.

(1) Application as an "Embassy-Recommended"

Government-Financed International Student Screening Process:
Applicant → Japanese Embassy → MEXT

  1. Japanese embassies open applications at the request of MEXT. Please check with the Japanese embassy in your area for the kinds of students applications are open to and application periods.
  2. The names of the categories of Government-Financed International Students accepted by Niigata University are Research Student, Teacher Training Student, Undergraduate Student and Japanese Studies Student.
  3. Screening of candidates includes a document inspection, a written test and an interview.
  4. After passing this screening, candidates wishing to attend Niigata University must find a supervisor at Niigata University and receive permission for acceptance. (Not required for Undergraduate Students)
  5. MEXT receives recommendations from the Japanese embassies abroad, and makes a final decision after conferring with the selection committee and the universities that will accept the students.

(2) Application as a "Niigata University-Recommended"

Government-Financed International Student This recommendation is only for Research Students and Japanese Studies Students.

Screening Process:
Applicant → Home University → Niigata University → MEXT

  1. An exchange student agreement is required to exist between the home university and Niigata University.
  2. Candidates wishing to attend Niigata University must meet with their supervisor at their home university, find a supervisor at Niigata University and receive permission for acceptance.
  3. Recommendations from the home university to Niigata University must be complete by the early January.
  4. Niigata University will conduct a document inspection to select candidates, who they will then refer to MEXT.
  5. Upon receipt of these recommendations MEXT will conduct screening and make a final decision.

*In 2009, 8 recommendations were made for Research Students, with 3 being accepted. Meanwhile, 2 recommendations were made for Japanese Studies Students, with 1 being accepted.

(3) Types of Scholarships for Government-Financed International Students

Classification Level Requirements Age Limits Scholarship Tuition Fees, etc. Scholarship Period Extension
Research Students Post graduate level University (Undergraduate) Graduate or higher Under 35 152,000 yen
155,000 yen

Tuition, Examination and Entrance Fees.

One Round-Trip Air Ticket.

April Arrivals, 2 years
October Arrivals, 1.5 years
Teacher training students Equivalent of University (Undergraduate) Graduate or higher 1.5 years No
Undergraduate Students Under graduate level Equivalent of Senior High School Graduate 17-22 125,000 yen
5 years (7 years or Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, and 6th-year Pharmacy Majors) Yes
Japanese Studies Students Currently in University (Undergraduate) 18-30 1 Academic year No

2. Scholarships screened and selected by the Japan Student Services Organization

Use the Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students Reservation System

There is a reservation system in place for privately financed international students who are to be newly admitted to Japanese undergraduate programs, junior colleges, or professional training colleges (advanced courses) as Degree Seeking Students.

Scholarship Amount

The same as the amount for the undergraduate level (2009 amount: 48,000 yen for undergraduate, 65,000 yen for graduate a month)


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