General Information

  • Academic Calendar   School Year 2019 (APR 2019 - MAR 2020)
  • Classes taught in English or Chinese Booklet  School Year 2019
  • Japanese Language Program at Global Education Center School Year 2018
  • General subjects taught in Japanese
    Exchange students with advanced Japanese language proficiency may also choose to take general subjects taught in Japanese offered for degree-seeking students at Niigata University.
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Program for Exchange Students at Niigata University

The Program for Exchange Students at Niigata University provides students from our partner universities with opportunities to study various subjects at our university for a semester or two. The exchange students are expected not only to study those subjects but also to develop their capabilities to contribute to the globalizing world in studying and living in different social settings.

Application for Fall Semester 2019

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2019

  • Application Guideline English  Japanese
  • Application Form   PDF   Word
  • Certificate of Health PDF
  • Financial Support Statement  PDF
  • Certificate of Eligibility Application Form Excel
  • Application Check List PDF  Word

*Application must be submitted by coordinators of partner universities to Niigata University International Office by postal mail. Application submitted directly by individual applicants are void.

Important Information for Exchange Students