Accommodation for International Students

Niigata University offers the following student accommodation options for international students: International student accommodation (International House, university-leased apartments), and residence halls (Rikka Hall, Ikarashi Hall). Eligibility differ by status of students.

  Degree-seeking Students Exchange Students
International Students with Government Scholarship
Research Students Accommodation Period Monthly Accommodation fee
International House *1
University-leased Apartments
No Yes *2 In general, from April or October
From 1 month to 1 year, within period of enrolment in Niigata University
22,000 yen
Residence Hall
(Rikka Hall)
Yes No Conditional*3 In general, from April or October
Earlier of the shortest period required for completion of study or two years
13,000 yen
Residence Hall
(Ikarashi Hall)
(undergraduate students only)
No No 4,300 yen

*1. International House and university-leased apartments are not offered for individual application. Vacancies will be allocated with priority to exchange students and international students with government scholarship.
*2. At present, due to the number of university-leased apartment contracts, research students are not eligible.
*3. Research students may apply; however, degree-seeking students are prioritized, and research students will be considered for admission only if the vacancy is not filled with degree-seeking students.

Accommodation for International Students (International House and University-Leased Apartments)

International House is an accommodation for international exchange students and researchers located on Ikarashi Campus, Niigata University. (*) Not open to application.
Unfortunately, accommodation cannot be offered to all international students due to the limited number of rooms. We try to prioritize international students newly arriving in Japan on student exchange agreement (exchange student), but the period of use is limited to one year due to the number of total rooms available. Niigata University leases apartments near Ikarashi Campus to students with terms and conditions similar to the International House.
After leaving the International House or university-leased apartments, students are expected to reside in private apartments near the university. Most of the international students are currently living in private apartments, etc.

Niigata University International House

International House: Accommodation for International Students (Facility Outline)
Single (38)/Double (2)/Family (1)/Other Multi-purpose hall, Japanese-style room, library/study room
*Monthly accommodation fee (utilities charged at actual cost): Single: 22,000 yen /Double: 29,200 yen/ Family: 35,700 yen

(Note) Accommodation fee is subject to change.

Niigata University-Leased Apartments

See below comparison table for overview and boarding fee for each apartment:

Overview of Niigata University Residence Halls

Name Capacity Eligibility Capacity for International Students Monthly Fee Notes
Rikka Hall Male Residents, 100 Male students of undergraduate or postgraduate programs 20 Accommodation fee: 13,000 yen
Utility expenses: 7,000 yen (variable)
Single room 12.46m2
Restrooms, washbasins, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry facilities are shared between 10 students (*)
Meals are not supplied
Air-conditioned rooms
Internet access is available on an individual contract with designated provider.
Female Residents, 100 Female students of undergraduate or postgraduate programs 20
Ikarashi Hall Building A
Male students of undergraduate programs 5 Accommodation fee: 4,300 yen
Utility expenses: 7,000 yen (variable)
Annual membership fee for dormitory council: 2,000 yen
Single room 9.45㎡
Restrooms, washbasins, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry facilities are shared
Meals are not supplied
No air-conditioner but heater in each room
Internet access is available on an individual contract with designated provider.
Building B
Female students of undergraduate programs 5

Rikka Hall

Ikarashi Hall

*At Rikka Hall, 10 units are available each for male and female students. A unit accommodates 10 residents. In general, residents will include 8 Japanese and 2 international students.

Application for April 2020

Application Period: February 1, 2020 (Sat) to February 21, 2020 (Fri)

Application Guidelines

Guidelines     Residence Hall Application      Family Structure and Household Income Financial Circumstances Report       Information Sheet


International Office, Niigata University
TEL: +81-25-262-6189 FAX: +81-25-262-7519

!! NOTE !!
Residence Hall application will not guarantee acceptance.

Private Apartments

There are many private apartments for students in the vicinity of Niigata University campuses.
Rental rates vary depending on factors such as the size, facilities and convenience.
Apartment rents in Niigata are lower compared to large cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.
Average Rent:

  1. Boarding house (with breakfast/dinner): 40,000 to 55,000 yen
  2. Apartment (6 to 8 tatami mats (approx. 9.7-13.0m2), shared bath and toilet): 15,000 to 20,000 yen
  3. Apartment (6 to 8 tatami mats (approx. 9.7-13.0m2), private bath and toilet): 25,000 to 55,000 yen

Purchasing insurance such as Comprehensive Renters Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan is recommended to insure against significant payment for damages to the property caused by accidents (fire, explosion, flooding, etc.). Be prepared to look after yourself when living abroad.
It is Japanese custom to require joint guarantor for a private apartment rental contract. Considering that finding such guarantor may be difficult for international students and the burden on the guarantor may be significant, Niigata University may act as a joint-guarantor. The international student must have purchased Comprehensive Renters Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan to use the program.

Inquiries on Joint-Guarantors:

International Office, Niigata University
Telephone: +81-25-262-7632

Brokerage of Private Apartments

As a public organization, the International Office does not accommodate specific businesses or lessors, and do not engage in direct brokerage.
Information on private apartments are provided by Niigata University Co-op.
Click here for private apartment search on Niigata University Co-op site.
Click here for Niigata Takken Association housing search page. You should have someone familiar with the Japanese customs accompany you when looking for an apartment. Apartments are not furnished. Click here for information on apartment search (source: 2008 Apartment Data (Niigata University Co-op))

Prefectural Housing

You can apply for apartments provided by Niigata Housing Supply Public Corporation, but application requires prior registration and results are determined by lottery. It may be an option if you intend to remain in Niigata for a long period after entering Japan, but not realistic if you are new to Japan.
Contact: Niigata Housing Supply Public Corporation